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As you can see, we are very close to all happenings and important cultural, social, musical and all other your point of view. In other words, we are at centar of city.

  • From the central train station -  take tram 7 (heading) to Zvezdara  and get off on 3rd stop), or tram 2 (heading) to Tashmaidan and get off on 2nd stop
  • From the central bus station – tram 7 (heading) to Zvezdara: get off on 4th stop
  • From the Sava riverport – tram 2 (heading) toTashmaidan : get off on 4th stop
  • From the airport terminal – go to Tashmaidan park stop and then walk some 150m
  • From “VUK” underground (or tube) station take a 200m-walk towards Tashmaidan park
  • Trolleybuses 29 and 19 from “MEDAKOVIC or KONJARNIK” – get off on 9th stop
  • From “DUSANOVAC” exit - take bus 26 : get off 5th stop
  • From “AUTOKOMANDA” exit – take tram 10: get off on 3rd stop
  • From “MOSTAR” exit – take tram 3: get off on 5th stop
  • From “PANCEVO” bridge (over the Danube) – take bus 47: get off on 3rd stop
  • By car – take motorway (exit “Autokomanda”), then via “JNA” Bulevard to “Slavia” square then take “Beogradska” street straight onto Tashmaidan Park . Alternatively from “Mostar” exit - follow Knez Milos street then head onto “Takovska” street, take 1st turning on the right , follow up to TASH sport centre, turn right again and after some 100m you will reach the corner of “Beogradska “ street and the King Alexander’s Bulevard – that is the place where we are!